• If the container no longer exists, the data is lost,
  • The container’s writable layer is tightly coupled to the host machine, and
  • To manage the file system, you need a storage driver that provides a union file system, using the Linux kernel. This extra abstraction reduces performance compared to `data volumes` which write directly to the filesystem.

  • Apache Kafka
  • Create a Managed Kafka Instance
  • Create a Topic
  • Create a new Spring Boot Application
  • Add the Spring Properties File
  • Add a Spring Boot Controller for Kafka,
  • Test the Producer and Consumer

Apache Kafka

  • Create a Full Mobile App (1) with Ionic4 (here),
  • Create a Full Mobile App (2): Add CRUD, Components and Services using Ionic5, Angular8 and TypeScript (here),
  • Create a Full Mobile App (3): Enable PWA, Add RxJS Observable and Service Worker…

remko de knikker

Cloud Native Developer Advocate @IBMDeveloper for Cloud Native, Containers, Kubernetes, Security and DevOps. Dutch NYer, dad, humanist with empathy for paradox.

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